Protect Your Investment!

Protect Your Investment!

Much like the AUDI R8, your laser is a precision machine.  Unlike the AUDI R8, your laser generates income!

So lets talk about what went into your decision to purchase the perfect

  • You probably looked at lots of different technology;
  • You purchased the perfect machine to maximize benefits for your business;
  • You received proper training to deliver excellent results with the perfect machine;
  • And, you hired caring competent staff members to utilize the perfect machine to provide the best patient care.


But how long should your equipment last?

The short answer is indefinitely.  However, the useful life of your perfect machine has everything to do with how well it has been treated and, just as importantly, how well it has been maintained.

So, how well has your perfect machine been maintained?

This is an important question because, if you are like other customers, you have a laser (that costs roughly the same as an AUDI R8) sitting in your office (or operating room) and your focus has shifted from the perfect machine to the day-to-day operation of your business. You probably haven't thought much about the maintenance of your perfect machine.  And, if you have, you might have thought, "is routine maintenance really necessary?".

The simple answer is --- ABSOLUTELY!

If you had an AUDI R8 sitting in your driveway, you would think very seriously about how to care for the perfect machine.  Unfortunately, we lose sight of this with our lasers and IPL devices even though we rely on them to generate income for our business.  So take it from us, experts in the perfect machine routine maintenance business; your lasers and IPL devices need to be properly cared for to continue to operate at peak performance to ensure you deliver perfect patient care.  

We deal with the results of poorly maintained machines, and it is not pretty...  You call in a panic because your perfect machine just went down and you have (x) number of patients scheduled.  You are concerned about the hundreds or thousands of dollars you will lose not having your perfect machine generating income.  What went wrong?  And, what can be done to get your perfect machine generating income again? Routine maintenance becomes part of the discussion as we try to determine what could be wrong with your machine.  Not always, but more times than not, neglected routine maintenance is associated with machine failure. 

So, what is it going to cost to get your perfect machine back up and running?  This is a tough question to answer because there are many variables.  The simple answer, "Quanta Technologies provides service at 15 - 40% less than the manufacturer and we know that routine maintenance is far less expensive than dealing with the cost of a major repair". 


With a major repair, there is the obvious cost of parts and labor to repair the machine, but what about the other costs that get overlooked.  Expenses associated with the operation of your business continue even when your laser or IPL device is not generating income for you.  And, if you are like most customers, you did not put a large amount of money in a bag for the day the perfect machine broke.  So lets try to minimize the potential for an Emergency Service Call; lets Protect Your Investment through a carefully developed plan to keep your perfect machine working perfectly.

Contact our Service Department at (800) 529-7286 and ask to speak with Stuart Austin, our Service Manager, to discuss the service options that are available.  We offer a variety of multi-year service agreements that  provide cost savings to you.

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