Laser Systems

XP-2 Focus

Highest Performance in Aesthetic Surgery

The XP-2 Focus QCW Nd:YAG surgical laser system provides the proven power and flexibility you need for performing surgical procedures with maximum speed and efficiency. In addition, its built-in long-pulse Nd:YAG laser is a gold standard in revenue-boosting transdermal aesthetic treatments as well. The XP-2 Focus is an ideal yet cost-effective solution to offering patients a wide range of high-demand surgical and aesthetic treatments


XP Focus

Best price for highest performance

The XP Focus is designed to allow you to focus your aesthetic practice on one specific lucrative treatment to gain a maximum return on investment. Yet its proven technical foundation provides the options for a much wider range of aesthetic and vascular treatments.


XS Dynamis Front View

The Next Generation Resurfacing Laser System

The XS Dynamis represents a complete rejuvenation solution. Its functions range from superficial to deep peels, from non-ablative to fully ablative and from full-field to fractional resurfacing. Resurfacing has never been as versatile!


xp dynamis front view

Speed and Versatility Without Compromising Efficacy

XP Dynamis is an ideal choice if you value speed for quick, high-quality treatments without compromising efficacy. At the heart of the XP Dynamis are high performance, non-ablative long-pulse Nd:YAG and surgical QCW Nd:YAG lasers, which combine to offer an extremely wide aesthetics treatment range.



Quanta is proud to distribute the Ultra MD™ laser systems and a complete line of accessories for multi-specialty use in all surgical settings and disciplines. LEI's advanced Ultra MD™ sealed CO2 surgical lasers offer unmatched precision, power and versatility, backed by the experience and support services of a company with over 20 years of surgical laser experience.


Slim e30 flexible C02 fiber   

New 30 Watt Laser

Quanta is proud to distribute the new Slim Evolution E30 Flexible CO2 Fiber Laser.  Other companies may have been first to market with a flexible CO2 Fiber, but none have mastered energy thoughput the way the engineering staff at Laser Engineering has with our new technology.   


lasering-mixto-logo-132w.jpgFractional C02 technology with a scanner that provides maximum time between adjacent pulses. 

The Lasering Mixto SX Fractional CO2 Laser combines the gold-standard 10.6µm (CO2) wavelength for skin rejuvenation with a high-speed scanner.  This truly revolutionary product has a proven track record and has been utilized by hundreds of physicians to provide exceptional clinical outcomes.  Using a proprietary algorithm, the Mixto SX delivers a precise matrix of Microspots in Fractional mode that penetrates to the dermis and stimulates the formation of new collagen.  At the same time, immediate shrinkage of tissue is achieved.  The patent pending Fractional methodology produces a calculated thermal relaxation time resulting in a faster healing process with less pain and less down-time for the patient.


odyssey30The Odyssey is the ideal laser system for endourologists. The laser's 2100 nm infrared output can disintegrate stones and ablate tissue with minimal lateral tissue damage. An endourologist can choose from a wide range of fiber sizes to operate throughout the urinary tract. Larger core fibers can be used with rigid endoscopes to reach the ureter and the bladder. Smaller core fibers can be used with flexible ureteroscopes to reach the lower pole of the kidney.


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