Fotona XP Max - Most Powerful Aesthetic Laser


The Highest Power, Fastest Laser System on the Planet provides the Most Comfortable treatments!

Patients want perfection; they also want the fastest, most effective, comfortable and safest treatments available. Capable of producing 600J/cm2 of Energy, the Fotona XP MAX is the FASTEST, most versatile Laser System in the world. Perfection is within your reach!

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Revolutionary Scanner offers?Efficiency and Versatilitys-11 scanner

With an extraordinary treatment area of over 42cm2,?the XP MAX S-11 Scanner is the only scanner that can provide fast and safe treatments. Its three scanner spot sizes allow you to strike the perfect balance between treatment efficacy, procedure speeds and patient comfort. The 3mm spot size is perfect for improving skin tone, texture and tightness (T3). The industry standard 6mm spot size is ideal for hair removal or vascular treatments, while the 9mm spot size reaches even the deepest skin structures.

Two Modes - Unlimited Treatment Options
Only Fotona XP MAX offers two modes of operation with the necessary range of treatment parameters to optimize treatments. The Versa Mode is a standard in providing versatility and efficacy. Supporting the largest manual spot sizes (2mm to 20mm), it enables you to treat larger structures and all skin types with ease. The new Accelera Mode gives you an edge on treating finer skin structures and imperfections with unrivalled speed, including thin, lighter hairs, extremely fine vascular structures and wrinkles.

Technology for Unrivalled Safety, Precision and Patient Comfort
At a touch of a button, Variable Square Pulse (VSP) Technology accommodates parameters to treatment requirements, providing unrivalled ease-of-use. VSP technology avoids heating surrounding tissues ensuring precision, comfort and safety. Energy Feedback Control (EFC) actively matches the laser output energy to selected settings, for unmatched safety and confidence.

Dualis XP Max's unique advantages:

  • Highest output parameters produces FAST treatments
  • Largest handpiece spot size (20mm)
  • Largest scanner spot size (9mm)
  • Largest scanner area (42cm2)
  • Two operational?modes (Versa & Accelera) for unlimited treatment options
  • Variable Square Pulse (VSP) Technology providing the MOST comfortable treatments
  • Electronic Feedback Control (EFC) Technology ensuring safe treatment parameters


DualisXP Max Specifications
Laser type Nd:YAG laser (1064 nm)
Max. fluence 600 J/cm2
Pulsewidth 2 ? 200 ms
Max. Avg. Power 130 W
Spotsizes 2 ? 20 mm
Scanner area 42cm2
Beam delivery Optical Fiber
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